About Us

Click here to see some photos explaining how were are growing and developing.
This innovative and creative project is a purpose driven enterprise and entrepreneurship skills and employment based. Designed to help bring to market a collection of clothing and accessories ranging from school uniforms to urban street wear. Branded using the existing ADHD Foundation Umbrella concept. This new project has been imagined and created by those with a background in neurodiversity and working with Care Leavers. It supports those with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and Tourette’s. It also supports Care Leavers. Working with partners across public services, business sectors and service users, to create a paradigm shift in health, education, employment and enterprise.
This project has access to mentoring, training, specialist guidance and will bring focus, analysis and repeated re-evaluation of practical steps and outcomes.  At a higher level it will also help influence policy and provision for the benefit of service users; reduce dependency, empower and enable the neurodiverse and Care Leaver population to achieve their potential and improve life opportunities.
This project is managed by the ADHD Foundation (Registered Charity Number 1120898 (England and Wales)) in partnership with the Cornerstones Foundation (Registered Charity Number 1169145 (England and Wales)). The project is part-funded by the Steve Morgan Foundation, which has our huge appreciation.